Dear Robert Broz,

My name is Ruth Kimball and I am a volunteer coordinator working with ASAPROSAR(Association for Pro Rural Health El Salvador). I came across an email posted by a fellow Peace Corps volunteer regarding a new web site you are creating for eco tourism promotion in El Salvador.

I have really exciting news for you! Part of ASAPROSARS sustainable agriculture program has started a unique, and incredibly beautiful eco tourism project in the forested areas of Chalchuapa, in Santa Ana. They have trained several community members to be resource guardians, and they have and are in the process of creating hiking trails...Currently they have two hiking trails, one easy trail, and another more advanced(that's destination goes to a rock formation called, "the mala cara" Or the bad face. They are a lot of fun, and the resource guardians are good company(although they cannot speak spanish yet they are helpful, and excellent tourism guides)

The protected areas of the Magdalena is really beautiful and untouched. There are approximately 776 hectares of sub tropical semi deciduous forest. The bio diversity is incredible, so much so that you will find 158 species of vertebrate animals, 8 species of amphibians(25% of those registered in the country, 2 of which are considered to whose presence indicates a pristine, almost unaltered habitat), 19 different species of reptiles(16.33% of all reptiles registered in the country), 122 different species of birds(22% of those registered in the country), and 12 species of mammals, all which are found in the seven different types of habitats(econiches) located in the protected area. In addition to the fauna, there is plenty of beautiful plants and trees....In fact there are 199 species of trees including 3 coniferous species(22 hectares of the protected area are pine trees!), cedars, and guanacastes!. .

In addition another one of the protected areas precious resources is its water, whose purity is indicated by the presence of a rare type of snail (not joking)that only inhabits pristine pure water sources. The surrounding communities receive access to water in the protected area by gravity fed water systems on a monitored basis, and in return they have agreed and are working to help protect and defend the protected areas.

The organization is hoping to begin training community guides as well which will help to take travelers through the protected areas to teach them about the ecology of the area. This will serve as an income for the local area youth, creating new economic opportunities in a region where such opportunities are more then limited.

ASAPROSAR has signed a convention with the Ministry of the Environment as well as ISTA, and has helped the communities to gain protected status under the legal code 579. MARN has also approved funding for eco tourism infrastructure development of the protected areas which will include resources for eco adventure tourism as well. ASAPROSAR will soon be ready to receive tourists for small guided hikes and tours, and in the near future will have eco adventure tours available, as well as camping facilities.

I wanted to present to you this project, and to ask you what our organization needs to provide to you to get on your web site. We have much more information and photos available that we can send you, however it would be good if we had the specific information you are looking for available to get the process started!

Thank you so much for reviewing this,

Ruth Kimball


Hi Ruth,
Great news, this is just the type of thing I am looking to promote. I am building my site from travelers as well as local information, I will be happy to add this communal project as well as any other.
The best for me is if you, or someone familiar with the project writes the text,(description, contact information prices if you want to include then, etc) much of what you have sent is excellent. Some good photos and directions on how to get there. If you send it in Spanish and English I will get them up ASAP. I can also offer to just put the FTP files if you have someone that does good web design( I personally keep things very simple and what I am trying to do is provide no thrills information).
By the way there is no organization, this is just a project I decided to start in my free time. I now have the number one site for Suchitoto Travel, check it out at and if you have not yet seen the new site it is both sites pay for themselves through Google adds and I don't charge any local businesses or groups to be listed.
I live here in Suchitoto and have been involved in tourism here for some years. I work for a small Friends(Quaker) meeting in Palo Alto California managing some educational projects here in Suchitoto as well as in Morazan. If you ever get to Suchitoto look me up.
I will be waiting for more information
Roberto Broz Moran

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